About Us

As a long time Tri-Citian I have grown into being a boater at a very young age. Whether it was strapping on a wakebaord behind the parents boat or grabbing the dingy off the grandparents yacht , I always wanted to be on the water and it was my "Happy Place." 

Why did I want to start Marine Works, LLC?

Through out the years I have had several Wakeboard boats and always ran into the same issues. I wanted to get after market, detail or other items for my boats but never really knew where to start, what exactly I needed or how to accomplish what I wanted.  Marine Works is designed to be a one stop shop for those items. Want to get your boat detailed and Audio bought and installed at the same time without having to take time off or pick up and drop off at multiple locations? DONE. Want to get your audio at an affordable price and quality job done? CHECK.  Marine Works is a family owned business and designed for the weekend warrior and boating family.


Knowing that people always want the best deal, Marine works has made a stance to make sure that we will always offer affordable and competitive rates for our products and services. If you find something we offer at a better rate, let us know. We will do what we can to beat it.